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Understanding How Appliances & Energy are Used in Indian Homes

For the first time, CLASP and India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) are analyzing appliance energy use in Indian households through a nation-wide survey and monitoring home appliances. Currently all appliance ownership, usage, and energy savings estimates are based on assumptions and limited data. This study, supported by SEAD and philanthropic funds, is gathering data to establish a real time baseline to analyse realistic appliance energy policy impacts and help set informed energy efficiency standards.

This three-phase analysis

  • surveyed 5000 households across socio-economic class and climatic zones in India, to gather information on appliance usage, purchase behavior, and more - to understand the strongest influences on the usage patterns and adoption of energy efficient appliances,
  • installed load monitoring devices (WattMan) in 200 households from the survey, representing all socio-economic classes and climatic zones, to capture real time appliance consumption data over the next year to include seasonal fluctuations, and 
  • will monitor appliance-specific energy consumption data in 20 households to validate the findings of the ‘WattMan’ monitoring device.

Over the next 5 years, India will be expanding its already robust appliance energy
efficiency standards and labeling program. The results of this study, expected by mid 2019, will help BEE develop stronger, more informed policies through a better understanding of long-term policy impacts, energy use baselines, and usage patterns of household appliances