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Global Appliance Testing Costs Analysis

With support from the United Kingdom, SEAD will analyze global appliance testing costs for high-impact appliances – including the costs of building and operating a testing laboratory and testing products. Product testing is an essential part of certification, monitoring, and enforcement (compliance) frameworks – with many options available for governments to appropriately allocate resources.

Product testing is the cornerstone of appliance energy efficiency standards-setting and compliance programs. They can often be very costly and are often under-resourced. Understanding product testing costs helps policymakers and compliance authorities prepare comprehensive testing plans and determine the best solutions for where to test these products – for example, in existing national or foreign for-profit accredited test laboratories, or whether to invest in their own government-run accredited test facility.

However, data on testing prices, as well as the costs of building a laboratory is often scarce or not easy to access.This project will help demystify the full testing costs for air conditioners, lighting, refrigerators, motors, and televisions; empowering governments and compliance authorities to build and prepare appropriate compliance policies and programs.

This research project will include: 1) a catalog of product testing prices; 2) test lab setup, operations, and country-specific maintenance costs; 3) suggested resource allocation options; and 4) alternatives to setting up new test labs. Look for this suite of tools on the SEAD website by late summer 2018.