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21st Century Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Programs Workshop

Overview Innovation, technology, and energy efficiency – those were the main topics explored at the 21st Century Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Programs workshop.

15-16 December 2015, IEA Headquarters, Paris, France

Over two days, more than 60 policymakers, consultants, and other industry experts came together to participate in high level discussions on Standards & Labels programs around the world. The workshop was organized jointly by the IEA, IEA-4E, and SEAD to cover approaches that can enhance program development, improve compliance mechanisms, and promote consumer awareness.

The plenary session focused on the key benefits of labeling programs and put forward some key questions for participants to address/discuss in the workshop. The session also laid out the international collaborations for best practices and knowledge exchange platforms for the policymakers. Workshop participants discussed product registration systems, how they should be developed, what information they should contain, and their costs and benefits, among other topics. They heard from organizations that are leveraging new technologies to unobtrusively measure household electricity use at the device level and to collect and analyze model-level market data from retailer websites. Participants also learned about the QR codes being added to the China Energy Label and India’s new Star Label mobile app, both of which are designed to give shoppers access to the information they need to make better choices.

Slides from the presentations given at the workshop are available from this page.