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Articles and news features about SEAD and other global energy efficiency standards and labeling activities.

08 December 2015
10 Billion Bulbs

24 June 2015
SEAD Awards Recognize Super-Efficient Household Light Bulbs

SEAD announced the winners of its Global Efficiency Medal competition for super energy-efficient household light bulbs. If all household bulbs sold were as efficient as the most efficient SEAD award-winning model, 850 terawatt-hours of electricity could be saved globally compared to 2010.

21 May 2015
SEAD Supports the G20’s Efforts to Increase Efficiency in Networked Devices

Annual power consumption of networked devices is already greater than 600 TWh globally, more than the electricity consumed by Canada in a single year.

14 May 2015
Pursuing Energy Savings Opportunities in Mexico’s Digital TV Transition

With support from the SEAD Initiative, the Mexican government is using its analog-to-digital TV transition to modernize the country’s infrastructure while reaping the benefits of energy efficient technology.

14 May 2015
Paying Attention to Peak Demand in Indonesia

Adoption of energy efficiency policies in Indonesia can significantly reduce growth in future peak demand, reducing the number of power plants that Indonesia will need to construct over the next 15 years while still allowing consumers to benefit from the energy services they rely on.