Advanced Cooling Challenge

Advance Cooling

What is the AC Challenge?

The amount of electricity that air conditioning consumes is already significant and increasing by the day. Rising temperatures, rapid urbanization, population growth, and the desire for better life drive up the demand for access to cooling. This growing need will add unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, challenge electrical grids, and undermine public health. It is something our planet simply cannot afford.

What is the Clean Energy Ministerial?

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is the forum from which major economies and stakeholders work to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. Launched in 2010, the CEM pairs the high-level engagement of energy ministers with sustained initiatives and campaigns to drive faster deployment of clean energy policies and technologies worldwide. Learn more.

Who’s in?

Take a look at how other governments and organizations are pledging their support on the AC Challenge website.

Join the Challenge

To make a commitment or discuss other ways to get involved, please contact the AC Challenge Secretariat by email Learn more.