Television Awards (2015)

The fifth SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition will encourage the production and sale of super-efficient televisions by recognizing and awarding the world’s most energy-efficient flat-panel TVs.

The nominations period closed on 31 March 2015. Verification testing of presumed winners is ongoing, and winning products will be announced in September 2015. International winners will be honored at an awards ceremony in May 2016.

Competition at a Glance

The SEAD Initiative works with manufacturers, retailers, and policymakers to showcase feature-rich, energy-efficient products that provide top-quality services while reducing energy costs. The Global Efficiency Medal competitions demonstrate the levels of efficiency that are possible today, and shine a spotlight on innovative new technologies that can further push the boundaries of efficiency and slash energy consumption.

Televisions currently account for 3 to 4 percent of global residential electricity consumption. The need for energy-efficient technology is ever more important as TV screens get larger and the number of TVs per household continues to rise.

Because consumers tend to replace their TVs every 10 years, most of the electricity that will be consumed by TVs in the year 2030 will be from units that have yet to be purchased. This presents a great opportunity to cost-effectively save electricity by encouraging consumers to consider more energy-efficient models when purchasing their next television.

Regions & Categories

In each product category, SEAD Global Efficiency Medals will be awarded to the most energy-efficient televisions available on the market in four different regions, as well as to an overall international winner.

Applicants are invited to nominate products for consideration in any region, regardless of the location of the manufacturer, provided that the nominated product is sold in the region (e.g., a product manufactured in China and sold globally may be nominated in any of the four competition regions).

2015 SEAD TV Awards Categories


Winners will be announced in September 2015 and international winners will be honored at an awards ceremony in May 2016.

2015 SEAD TV Awards Timeline

Previous Competitions

In 2012, the first SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition recognized the world’s most energy-efficient flat-panel televisions from Samsung and LG.