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27 October 2015
Impacts Evaluation of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards in Mexico since 2000

This program evaluation aimed to analyze the impacts on Mexican consumers and the national economy from energy efficiency standards on residential refrigerators and window air conditioners that were aligned, or “harmonized” with U.S. standards in the early 2000s.

01 September 2014
Improving Global Comparability of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels

This report attempts to shed light on the global landscape and enable meaningful comparisons at a macro-level which are helpful and necessary to policymakers in the development of sound and optimized energy efficiency policies.

17 August 2014
2014 ACEEE Summer Study: Superefficient Refrigerators - Opportunities and Challenges

As an energy-intensive mainstream product, residential refrigerators present a significant opportunity to reduce electricity consumption through energy efficiency improvements. Refrigerators expend a considerable amount of electricity during normal use, typically consuming between 100 to 1,000 kWh of electricity per annum.

01 January 2014
Recent and Historical Product Energy Efficiency and Life‐cycle Cost Improvement in Swedish Appliance Markets

This report retrospectively analyzes some of the potential impacts of product energy efficiency policy in Sweden by examining possible correlations between policy implementation, historical and real‐time price trends, energy efficiency improvement trends, and life‐cycle cost trends for a variety of product markets including: (1) refrigerators, (2) clothes washers, (3) dishwashers, and (4) televisions.

01 September 2013
EEDAL 2013: Evidence of Progress - Measurement of Impacts of Australia’s S&L Program from 1990-2010

Australia represents a potentially fruitful case study for understanding the dynamics energy efficiency standards and labeling (EES&L) programs impacts on appliance markets. This analysis attempts to distinguish between the impacts of labeling alone as opposed to MEPS, and to probe the time-dependency of such impacts.