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15 September 2015
Energy Efficient Motors: Advantages throughout the supply chain

Fact sheet on the benefits of energy efficient motors.

01 September 2013
EEDAL 2013: Monitoring and Evaluation of Green Public Procurement Programs

The purpose of this article is to provide policy makers and procurement officials with a preliminary map of existing approaches and key components to monitor Energy Efficient Procurement (EEP) programs in order to contribute to the improvement of their own systems.

01 July 2013
SEAD Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating Green Public Procurement Programs

Green Public Procurement (GPP) and Energy Efficient Procurement (EEP) are programs that use various Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) policy instruments to demonstrate leadership by public institutions to stimulate demand and transform the market for green and energy efficient products and solutions.

03 June 2013
2013 eceee Summer Study: Driving Market Transformation and International Collaboration through the SEAD Initiative

The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative facilitates collaboration, coordination, and information sharing on appliance and equipment energy ef- ficiency policies and programs among sixteen participating governments to accelerate our transition to a clean energy future.

01 February 2013
Energy-efficient Public Procurement - Best Practice in Program Delivery

This document illustrates the key issues and considerations involved in implementing energy-efficient public procurement.