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22 September 2016
Cost Benefit of Improving the Efficiency of Room ACs in India

This report presents an analysis of the cost and benefit of improving efficiency of air conditioners in India, based on a bottom-up engineering analysis of key AC components such as compressors and heat exchangers.

18 September 2015
Lessons Learned From Incentive Programs for Efficient Air Conditioners

This report focuses on financial incentive programs that aim to mitigate the energy consumption attributable to the growing stock of ACs. This report also describes how incentive programs can be designed to address other pressing concerns related to growing AC use, such as challenges to power supply reliability resulting from increased peak demand and the global warming potential (GWP) of AC refrigerants.

04 March 2015
India Smart Grid Week 2015: Considerations in Standardization for Demand Response Ready Air Conditioners in India

This paper presents a draft specification for demand-response ready air conditioners in India, building from international experiences and from existing International Electrotechnical Commission standards.

01 September 2014
Improving Global Comparability of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels

This report attempts to shed light on the global landscape and enable meaningful comparisons at a macro-level which are helpful and necessary to policymakers in the development of sound and optimized energy efficiency policies.

01 December 2013
A Guidebook on Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP)

The guidebook—developed by the Prayas Energy Group—provides a framework for policy-makers in different countries to conceptualize, design and implement innovative programs to accelerate market transformation to super-efficient equipment and appliances (SEE).