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04 March 2015
India Smart Grid Week 2015: Considerations in Standardization for Demand Response Ready Air Conditioners in India

This paper presents a draft specification for demand-response ready air conditioners in India, building from international experiences and from existing International Electrotechnical Commission standards.

17 August 2014
2014 ACEEE Summer Study: Superefficient Refrigerators - Opportunities and Challenges

As an energy-intensive mainstream product, residential refrigerators present a significant opportunity to reduce electricity consumption through energy efficiency improvements. Refrigerators expend a considerable amount of electricity during normal use, typically consuming between 100 to 1,000 kWh of electricity per annum.

17 August 2014
2014 ACEEE Summer Study: Monitoring the Real World Usage of Network Connected Products

This paper proposes recommendations to policy makers based on a real time data collection exercise carried out in the UK, to analyze the “real world usage” of network connected devices. The paper also maps out how to replicate the project approach and methodology in the US and other regions, to determine whether similar opportunities exist in other areas.

01 September 2013
EEDAL 2013: The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal Competition - Accelerating Market Transformation for Efficient Televisions

The Global Efficiency Medal competition, a cornerstone activity of the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative, is an awards program that encourages the production and sale of super-efficient products. The first Global Efficiency Medals were awarded to the most energy-efficient flat panel televisions; an iconic consumer purchase.

01 September 2013
EEDAL 2013: Costs and Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvement in Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans contribute significantly to residential electricity consumption, especially in developing countries with warm climates. The paper provides analysis of costs and benefits of several options to improve the efficiency of ceiling fans to assess the global potential for electricity savings and green house gas (GHG) emission reductions.