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27 October 2015
Evaluation of International Comparable Compliance Certification and Enforcement Requirements

This guide is designed to be read as a “Motors” annex to the CLASP Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement (MVE) Guide (CLASP, 2010), with Figure 1 (overleaf) showing the structured approach to creating a CC&E programme taken from this MVE guide.

01 September 2014
Improving Global Comparability of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels

This report attempts to shed light on the global landscape and enable meaningful comparisons at a macro-level which are helpful and necessary to policymakers in the development of sound and optimized energy efficiency policies.

01 September 2013
EEDAL 2013: Evidence of Progress - Measurement of Impacts of Australia’s S&L Program from 1990-2010

Australia represents a potentially fruitful case study for understanding the dynamics energy efficiency standards and labeling (EES&L) programs impacts on appliance markets. This analysis attempts to distinguish between the impacts of labeling alone as opposed to MEPS, and to probe the time-dependency of such impacts.

03 June 2013
2013 eceee Summer Study: Energy Efficiency Appliance Standards - Where Do We Stand, How Far Can We Go and How Do We Get There - An Analysis Across Several Economies

This paper analyses several potential savings scenarios for min- imum energy performance standard (MEPS) and comparable programs for governments participating in SEAD.

01 July 2012
Estimate of Cost-Effective Potential for Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards in 13 Major World Economies

This study analyzes the financial impacts on consumers of minimum efficiency performance standards (MEPS) for appliances that could be implemented in 13 major economies around the world.