SEAD Awards Recognize ‘Super-Efficient’ Electric Motors

SEAD GEM web logoThe Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative, an international collaboration of 16 countries and an initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial, this week announced the winners of its Global Efficiency Medal competition for super energy-efficient electric motors. Because motors account for 40% of global electricity consumption, greater efficiency can provide significant opportunities for reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

Electric motors from two companies dominated the competition. Motors from Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited from Henan Province, P.R. China, won two international awards and four regional awards in Australia and North America. Products from Siemens Limited from Mumbai, India, won two India regional awards.

International dignitaries, including the Ambassador for India in Switzerland and the Honorary Consul of Australia, presented the awards at a ceremony on Tuesday. The Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications hosted the awards ceremony for regional winners at the Motor Summit in Zurich, Switzerland, marking the culmination of a global competition launched in late 2013.

“The industrial sector is at the heart of our global economy. Small changes made in a core component such as an electric motor can make a huge impact on the economic and environmental performance of the sector. This competition plays a vital role in global efforts to save energy and tackle climate change,” said SEAD initiative representative Dr. Chad Gallinat.  

"Improving the energy efficiency of electric motors is critical to the continued development of India’s economy,” said the Ambassador for India in Switzerland, His Excellency Mr. M.K. Lokesh, who presented two awards to Siemens Limited. “The SEAD Awards help the market recognize the most efficient products currently available and encourage the development of new technologies.” 

The SEAD Awards focused on mid-sized electric motors (0.75 kW (1 hp) – 375 kW (500 hp)) which accounted for more than two-thirds of global motor electricity consumption in 2010 according to a 2011 International Energy Agency study. In total, medium-sized motors consumed 4,800 terawatt-hours, more than the total electricity consumption of Australia, India and the United States combined. 

The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition for electric motors focused on general-purpose induction motors, which are used in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Induction motors drive pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors in sectors including water, chemicals, iron, steel, food, drink and commercial buildings and works. The induction motor is by far the most important type of electric motor found today, and it has become the focus of regulators around the world.

“Electric motors are easy to ignore as most of them are hidden away, quietly keeping the world turning, day in and day out. But if we can make them all work a little more efficiently, the global energy savings will be huge,” explained Mr. Bengt Toresson, Director of the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.

The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition encourages the production and sale of super-efficient equipment, appliances and electronics by recognizing the most energy-efficient, top-performing products.  

This is the third competition; the first recognized the world’s most energy-efficient flat-screen televisions and the second recognized the most energy-efficient computer monitors. A fourth competition for lighting is currently under way, with winners to be announced in April 2015.

SEAD Global Winners

The SEAD Global Efficiency Medals were awarded to the following electric motors in recognition of their commercial availability and energy efficiency.


  • 4 kW: YZTE4-112M – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited
  • 11 kW: YZTE4-160M – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited


North America

  • 5 hp: NSPE184T – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited 
  • 15 hp: NSPE254T – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited


  • 4 kW: YZTE4-112M – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited
  • 11 kW: YZTE4-160M – Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Company Limited


  • 3.7 kW: 1LA21134NA80 – Siemens Limited (India)
  • 11 kW: 1LA21634NA80 – Siemens Limited (India)

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