10 Billion Bulbs

Today the world accepted the Global Lighting Challenge – a race to deploy 10 billion high efficiency, high quality, and affordable LED lighting products as quickly as possible.

A partnership of Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) governments, the GLC was announced this afternoon at COP21 by Sweden's Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan. The GLC is now accepting commitments from organizations around the world to achieve the 10 billion bulb goal.

Meeting the 10 billion bulb goal is critical to the climate change mission. Lighting accounts for 15% of the global electricity consumption and 5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, lighting demand is expected to increase by 50% due to population growth, the rise of the middle class, and increased urbanization.

With high-level commitments from India, Ikea, and China, the GLC accelerates the global lighting transition to advanced lighting solutions such as LEDs. Together, we can decrease electricity consumption from lighting by 50% over that same time period. That is 50% more light using 50% less electricity.
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